Want to know what it's like to make out with Justin Bieber?

The girl who co-stars in his steamy video for 'All That Matters' is dishing not only on what it's like to kiss the superstar, she reveals they have texted and FaceTimed each other since their makeout session on the set. She even has something to say about Selena Gomez's reaction to the whole thing. Brace yourselves, Beliebers!

Cailin Russo, 19, tells Cosmo about the video that changed her life -- and even led to a number of death threats from overzealous fans.

"In the beginning it was kind of weird because I had never kissed anyone on set that passionately or that famous," she says. "I wasn't a super fan of his before I did this and I just kept thinking to myself that people would kill to do this."

She admits she enjoyed the experience so much she'd like to repeat it: "I got butterflies and I do still to this day. After the shoot wrapped it felt so surreal, I even got a speeding ticket after the shoot because I was on such a high. I guess you could say I wouldn't mind doing it again."

Although Cailin says she currently has a boyfriend, she does text and FaceTime with Biebs on occasion. But she wisely keeps him listed in her phone's directly under an alias. "If my phone is out and I'm with people, I don't want anyone to see if he texts me or FaceTimes me, ya know?" she says.

All fodder to maybe make Justin's famous ex extra jealous? After the video dropped, Selena posted a selfie -- since removed -- with the intriguing caption, "I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh… #nomakeup #hatewhengirlssaythat."

A lot of Beliebers assumed she was referring to Justin. Count Cailin among them: "It was clearly directed at him with me in the video, but like I said I was just doing my job," she says.

And she doesn't really think she's much of a threat to Sel, who many believe inspired 'All That Matters.' "Selena is a superstar and I'm just a girl in a video," Cailin says. "She's his ex, and I'm sure they still have feelings for each other."