Amber Rose made her glittering Dancing With the Stars debut Monday night (September 12), where she performed the foxtrot alongside her dance partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Initially struggling to embrace the classic style of dance, Amber, who chalked up her hesitancy to her exotic dancer background, said that she was having a difficult time connecting to the elegant moves.

"In this routine, I'm supposed to be a princess, but I'm not really that girl," Amber explained.

"This is weird...I look stupid," she commented later during a clip of her and Maksim, who noted Amber's "very unique set of curves," practicing. Thankfully, the VH1 star was able to shake most of her nerves by the time the duo brought their glittering routine, which was set to Alessia Cara's soulful "Here," to the dance floor.

While the performance only earned a total of 24 points from the judges—each awarding the pair a score of six—it was Amber's positive attitude and inner grace which most impressed the judging panel and the audience, which included the talk show host's best friend and reality star, Blac Chyna.

"From a woman to a woman, you're stunning. You are just something else to look at," Carrie Ann Inaba told Amber after the performance. "Your energy is fabulous. You have this incredible confidence. I see it in the way you move. You're okay with everything that's going on and that is beautiful to witness."

The judge added that the contestant just needs to fully embrace her body and her confidence moving forward.

"You need to just trust it," Inaba said. "Once you came forward and you did this move which you felt comfortable with, you lit up. But where was that at the beginning? You should light up because you are a beautiful light."

Meanwhile, Julianne Hough was equally enchanted by Amber's glowing energy.

"You actually don't give yourself enough credit," she gushed. "You are a princess, and you are that girl. When you're dancing, you're beautiful and you're graceful."

Watch Amber's introduction and debut performance, below:

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