Every single year, American Horror Story is enshrouded in layers of secrecy: from Murder House all the way to Roanoke, the franchise prides itself on macabre twists that keep the audiences hooked.

This season, however, the show has been kept even more a secret, with the premise not being revealed until the season premiere. With information so scarce and fans hungry for any morsel, the Internet is full of theories about what turns this season will take.

We’ve rounded up a couple of our favorites to help try and figure out what could happen this season on American Horror Story.


Theory 1: The interview subjects are...ghosts.

Roanoke introduced a new narrative structure to the AHS franchise by putting its subjects in front of the camera. Since we know that Shelby, Matt, and Lee all survive the ordeal in Roanoke, a popular theory is that they are in fact all ghosts, a trope the franchise has used since its humble beginnings at Murder House. There's also a game-changing twist, foreshadowed by Ryan Murphy himself, that will occur in the sixth episode that will turn the entirety of the show on its’ demonic pig head. If the protagonist trio aren’t ghosts, another popular sub-theory is that the production itself, breaking that sacred fourth wall, will become haunted and that will become the plot focus after episode six.


Theory 2: My Roanoke Nightmare is actually Billie Dean Howard’s reality show.

Ryan Murphy made it no secret that all seasons of American Horror Story are somehow connected, and while that connection tended to be a singular character or setting in previous seasons, it seems Roanoke is the season where the connection could run deeper, according to another popular theory. Do you remember way back when American Horror Story first began, and Sarah Paulson played a low-budget medium by the name of Billie Dean Howard? Howard also popped into American Horror Story: Hotel last year, where we learned she was working in reality TV. Is this character somehow behind the whole My Roanoke Nightmare reality show?


Theory 3: Lady Gaga is the original supreme.

This one is a little hard to follow, as there isn’t much to go on other than just wild, fun speculation: Murphy wouldn’t bring Mother Monster back just to be some kind of throwaway character, would he? It’s been revealed that Gaga plays some form of Croatoan witch, which would make her the oldest witch the franchise portrayed so far. Back in Coven, there was a stark divide between voodoo magic and stereotypical witch magic. Gaga seemed to exhibit attributes of both, between the heart sacrifice (leaning towards voodoo magic) and the removal of The Butcher’s chains through more "normalized" magic. Since the story of Roanoke predates the events in Coven, including the Salem witch trials, it could be argued that Lady Gaga might be the original supreme witch, dating all the way back to the 1500s. In addition there is another theory: Gaga’s woodland witch is pregnant with Matt’s child after their quickie in the woods. American Horror Story loves nothing more than a good demonic baby after all, and this idea is supported by the constant pig imagery — a symbol of fertility.


Theory 4: Evan Peters is a Mott descendant.

Tonight’s episode will mark the fourth episode in the Roanoke series, and in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Murphy said that the audience would learn more about the Mott family in this episode. For those of you who need a refresher, Dandy Mott was the main killer from the fourth season who fell in love with Sarah Paulson. Possibly the most peculiar aspect of Roanoke so far is that we have not seen hide nor hair of sweet, sweet Evan Peters yet. Peters was prominent in each of AHS’s prior seasons, but he has yet to appear three episodes in, despite being credited at the end of every episode. There are several theories floating around about Evan Peters and how he will factor into the season. Some speculate he may be the producer behind the reality show, while others believe he might be the piggy man scene in the season premiere. Keeping in mind that Peters could resemble Dandy Mott given the right haircut, it might stand to reason that Peters might be the connection to American Horror Story: Freakshow after all.


Theory 5: Each episode so far has correlated to a previous season in chronological order.

As previously stated, Ryan Murphy alluded to a mind-blowing twist in Roanoke’s sixth episode, which means the five episodes before then ware “normal," so to speak. There've also been five season of American Horror Story . Coincidence? Perhaps not: there's a prevalent theory that, so far, every episode of Roanoke is meant to reference a season. The first episode mirrors Murder House with the ghosts, the piggy man and the idea of a family moving into a haunted house after a miscarriage. The second episode would mirror Asylum with the introduction of the murderous nurses. The third episode mirrors Coven by introducing not only that little Keebler elf of a man as a medium, but also the idea that Lady Gaga is some form of mystical witch. If it indeed follows this pattern, the fourth episode will mirror Freakshow in some way, which may be confirmed already, as Murphy said that the Mott family (Dandy Mott was the sexy rich kid with a penchant for murder) would receive some form of attention during the Roanoke season.

Do you think any of these theories are accurate? What do you think the twist will be? Let us know in the comments below.