The powers-that-be run a tight ship over at 'American Idol,' and rightfully so, since they've got a multi-million dollar brand to protect. They encourage the contestants to be social and to promote themselves by participating in social media, albeit with a few rules and regs. Hopefuls are outfitted with their own Twitter accounts with 'Idol'-specific handles, like CDixonAI11, which is an obvious reference to Season 11. However, rocker Colton Dixon admits he was warned to mind his tweeting Ps and Qs from the get go. It's not that he posts salacious content or tweets too much. Rather, producers preemptively suggest that contestants pull back on religious-themed posts.

Dixon did an interview with TODAY (per Hollywood Gossip), revealing that the producers warned him that being too vocal about things like politics or religion could alienate a segment of viewers and thus voters.

"When we first started the Twitter and Facebook stuff, they said beware of political and religious tweets," Dixon said. "Just because it can turn off voters or whatever. "But, you know, being a Christian is who I am. It is a part of me musically. It is what I want to do after the show -- go into Christian music." That's really no different than castmate Skylar Laine wanting to go into country music, post-'Idol.'

Turns out the producers were right, since Dixon has been engaged in some 140 character-sized wars of words with 'Idol' watchers. One tweet said Dixon "can't Tebow his way to a win," alluding to soon-to-be-former Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, who was beloved by fans and often criticized for his overt faith and devotion to God. Dixon shrugged it off, tweeting, "I don't follow Tebow. I follow a guy named Jesus. I'm just trusting His plans. Whatever that may be."

Dixon's faith is rock solid and he's not afraid to share it on Twitter, regardless of it costing him a few votes.