When ‘American Idol’ contestant Colton Dixon recently hooked up with ‘Idol’ alum Chris Daughtry for dinner, he got two pieces of advice from the successful singer: Daughtry advised Dixon to “be himself" and "choose songs that people know.”

While the skunk haired, skinny jean clad Dixon certainly fulfilled the first part of the bargain – he may have decided to start the second part next week. Taking a risk he chose a lesser known song, ‘Broken Heart,’ by White Lion. In their practice, mentor Jimmy Iovine commented that the song was so obscure that the band didn’t even know it. will.i.am was also skeptical but by the end told Dixon he had a “slam dunk” with his song.

Risks certainly don’t always pay off, but this week Dixon’s definitely did. The singer pulled off a hard rock version of the song with a twist of his own and had what we thought was one of his best performances.

Jennifer Lopez repeatedly called Dixon a “lover” and said that the best singers to her are the ones who fall in love deeply, get their hearts broken, sing about it, and that’s what she felt Dixon had done. She went to oddly compliment the singer by saying, “You look pretty when you sing. Not everyone’s face looks nice when they sing.”

Steven Tyler didn’t remark on Dixon's money maker, but he did say he thought it was the wrong song choice and felt “it didn’t go anywhere.” Dixon appeared unphased by Tyler's comment and respectfully responded, “That’s cool.” Randy Jackson couldn’t have disagreed more retorting “This is a case to me that the song didn’t matter, it was about you and you performed it dope. I could care less about the song. This kid is consistent and always in the zone.”

He then looked to Ryan Seacreast adding "I like this guy."

Watch Colton Dixon Perform 'Broken Hearted' on 'American Idol'