Colton Dixon was eliminated on tonight's episode (April 19) of 'American Idol.' It wasn't a shock, especially after hearing mentor Jimmy Iovine, who has about a billion years of record business experience, break down his performance earlier in the episode.

Dixon, Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone comprised the bottom three this week, and the judges had no power to save them, since they spent their save on Jessica Sanchez last week. So there was no need for the lowest vote getter to perform for a chance to remain with the show.

Dixon hadn't planned on pursuing 'Idol' dreams, but his sister, who didn't make it past the auditions, sucked him into the process and he went deep and far. Even though his song choices were wrong, the spiky-haired rocker is not going to fade into obscurity. We'll see him again soon, since he has such a current look and sound. He just needs a little A+R guidance, and that can't be properly administered during the confined space of a reality show. All in due time.

He didn't sing for the save but he did get to perform on the 'Idol' stage one final time, which he did from his knees. He moved viewers with his reprisal of Lifehouse's 'Everything,' which he sang a few weeks back.

Now there are six, with the finale and crowning of the Season 11 winner creeping up on us.