American Idol contestant Colton Dixon may just like to “play music and have fun” but we think he has more in store for us this season if his premier performance was any indication of what’s to come. Used to being viewed from behind the piano, Dixon began by tickling the ivories before taking to the stage armed with only a microphone serenading us with a sultry version of Paramore's song ‘Decode.’

At first we were slightly skeptical and wondered if the chain he sported from his pants loop led to a wallet in his pocket (how 90’s of him!) but as soon as he was hitting high notes with the ease of a 12-year old choir boy and epically belting whilst standing atop a piano, all fashion faux pas was forgotten.

Dixon slayed the song and the judges seemed to agree. Randy Jackson contested that it was about time they had their own “indie alt rocker” on American Idol and spoke to his enthusiasm about the amount of variety and flavor that has already been showcasing itself this season. Jennifer Lopez appeared teary eyed as she said she can feel Dixon's heart when he sings and sees him as a relevant artist she could hear on the radio. Steven Tyler agreed the rocker didn’t get his chance last year when he auditioned and concurred that now was his time to shine.

Watch Colton Dixon Perform 'Decode' on 'American Idol'