One Direction are getting good at pouring on the charm. In an interview with Australian radio show Fifi and Jules, the 'What Makes You Beautiful' record breakers dished on just about everything from nudity to anemia to marriage. Seriously!

The interview is full and uncut, so we see the guys walking in and getting settled before the actual chat starts. Liam Payne apologized for being late, while Harry Styles charmed the hosts with kisses on the cheek. Swoon! We get to see their makeup get touched up and Niall Horan giving his used chewing gum to a cohort, who looks sheepish. Our advice (and the band's): Sell it on eBay!

Hostess FiFi asked the band how their families reacted to their sudden skyrocket to superstardom. Styles replied, "It's kind of weird for them, because we're experiencing it firsthand and they kind of see it from a distance. Whenever our family members come see us, it's always quite educational," he said, making his bandmates bust out laughing. "They get to see security, and how hair and makeup work," Horan quipped.

Host Jules asked the band if any of them had any deep, dark secrets, and Louis Tomlinson, after some whispered conspiring with Styles, revealed that he is 1/8th Belgian. "It's a secret that I've had embedded in my life for a long time," he deadpanned. Horan retorted, "Do you think anybody knows I'm Irish?"

Tomlinson also revealed that everyone in the band has seen one another cry. Awww! Zayn Malik dished that Tomlinson calls his mother the most, which Tomlinson admitted readily. "I'm a mum's boy," he said. "My Belgian mother."

As for which member of the band is most likely to go commando, it was unanimously Harry Styles. "Harry likes to be naked all the time," Tomlinson said. "Totally, butt naked." If you want to read more about Styles' passion for being in the buff, check out our article about he got fined in Sweden for his nudity!

Who has the worst hygiene? That would be Zayn, but not because he's dirty -- but because he falls asleep! "He just conks the most," Styles said of his pompadoured bandmate. "I just fall asleep," Malik said. "Sometimes if I'm a bit lazy, I'll forget it and just conk off and go to sleep."

Watch the video below to find out who Horan was checking out at the Logies (and what part of her he was staring at), who would be the first to get married and what the band's pre-show rituals are!

Watch One Direction on 'Fifi and Jules'

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