Madonna revealed to a U.K. TV show that she wanted British diva Adele to perform with her at the 2012 Super Bowl, but the 'Rolling in the Deep' singer had to decline because her voice was still on the mend from vocal cord surgery. That would have been quite a halftime show, wouldn't it?

Madge performed with Nicki Minaj, LMFAO, M.I.A. and Cee Lo instead. We bet that Adele wouldn't have pulled an M.I.A. and blasted the finger to the camera. She's too classy for that... Except when you cut her speeches short.

According to WENN, the Material Girl said, "I wanted her to be in the Super Bowl with me, but I think she was having her throat problem or throat operation or something."

The Super Bowl took place on Feb. 5 and Adele made her "comeback" to the stage the following week, on Feb. 12, at the Grammys. It appears that she turned Madge down in order to do the awards show. We wish that Adele would have done both.

Even though Adele declined, Madge isn't taking no for an answer and hasn't ruled out the possibility of future collabs. Madge said, "I would love to [collaborate]. I would love to meet her, I think she’s brilliant, I love her."

Could you imagine Madge and Adele? That's too much diva in one room. It would be a real treat for pop music fans, though! You listening, Adele? You don't turn Madonna down twice.