The most anticipated performer of the 2012 Grammy Awards was without question Adele, since the English rose was making her much heralded return to the stage after an absence that felt like an eternity.

She opened with her signature hit 'Rolling in the Deep' and that singular, soulful, emotion-packed voice sounded as beautiful as we remember. Better, even! Vocal cord polyp? What vocal cord polyp? It's like Adele was never sidelined with a vocal issue. She is back and better than ever, in true diva form.

Adele was a vision of loveliness. Her makeup was soft and her mouth highlighted by pale pink gloss, and her hair was a little more golden than we're used to. It's a terrific look for her. She also appeared a little leaner and utterly smashing and classy (as always) in a knee-length black dress with a sheer bodice sprinkled with polka dots.

She was backed by four female singers, but make no mistake. This was Adele's moment. There were no gimmicks, no crazy dancing, no Grammy producer-designed duets with someone from another genre or era. It was just Adele and that voice. She waved her hands and arms while singing, and she smiled at the crowd throughout, emitting a glow. You'd never believe she suffers from a serious case of stage fright, which she has confessed in interviews.

Even though Adele is long over the ex and the heartbreak that inspired much of '21' and is admittedly madly in love with her new boyfriend, you couldn't help but wonder during tonight's performance that the guy who broke her heart and "played her to the beat" must be kicking himself.

Adele's performance of 'Rolling in the Deep' was met with a standing ovation and she mouthed "Thank You" to the crowd. She was visibly emotional at such a hearty response. When the camera panned to Rihanna in the crowd, she had her fingers at her temples, as if she was blown away by she just heard.

Adele and her voice are back.

Watch Adele Perform 'Rolling in the Deep' at the 2012 Grammy Awards