Rihanna was hard to miss at 2012 Coachella, mostly because she spent a lot of time on top of her security guard's shoulders. While towering above the crowd, RiRi made the most of her escort's bald head, using the man's dome as a rolling surface so she could get her smoke on.

Amidst the flood of festival goers at Coachella, Rihanna broke out a bag of weed and proceeded to break up some of the ganja upon her bodyguard's smooth, hairless skull. She then rolled that ish up like this guy's head was a table! The 'Good Girl Gone Bad' posted the picture to Instagram, immortalizing her resourceful idea, writing, "Memories don't live like people do #coachella." Afterwards, Rihanna sparked up and took in some live performances while perched atop the man's shoulders, sharing her cigar of weed with friends.

We don't know whether to be impressed by Rihanna's tactics or to feel sorry for this guy, whose head probably reeked like a skunk for days after this. Not only was he used as human furniture for the evening -- first as a seat, and then as a table upon which Rihanna sprinkled her nuggets of weed -- but the songstress also was wearing studded shorts that were probably poking into his head and neck all night.

On top of all this, we bet Rihanna doesn't weigh all that much, but standing at 5' 8", she probably isn't as light as a feather, and that guy seemed to have her up there a long time. Seriously, forget Kevin Costner, this bodyguard is the best and should get an award for being the biggest trooper at Coachella.