Naima Adedapo, a contestant on this season's 'American Idol,' has been winning over fans each week on the reality singing competition. While she has been building her new fan base, five of her favorite fans live under the same roof as the beautiful singer -- her two daughters, ages three and one, and her three step-daughters.

"All of them [watch the show]," Adedapo tells Showbiz Shelly on B96. "All of them are artists. They like to sing and dance ... Like for real, though! [laughs] They do it. That's part of our routine at home. We dance and we sing all the time, just to dance around the house and have fun with one another and enjoy each others company."

Of course it is no surprise that music and dancing runs in Adedapo's family, as she is the daughter of Milwaukee jazz singer Adekola Adedapo. The 26-year-old also majored in Dance at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is a dancer with Ko-Thi, an Afri-centric dance company. She also sings with her husband in R.A.S. Movement, a reggae and world beat band.

Adedapo made it through this week, despite being one of the bottom three contestants alongside Haley Reinhart and Karen Rodriguez (the latter unfortunately not saved by the judges). Tune in next week to see if Adedapo has what it takes to survive another week on 'American Idol.'