There's always been that saying "Mother always knows best." But do they really? The Late Late Show with James Corden put that idea to the test when celebs were asked what was the best and worst advice they've every received from their moms. And you'll be surprised and possibly LOL at the nuggets of wisdom they walked away with.

Anna Faris' mom once told her that money isn't ever easy to come by. However, the Mom star has one one thing to say to that. "One of the worst pieces of advice she ever gave me was that there's no such thing as easy money," she said said in the clip, "because Mom, there is. I say a bunch of words into the camera, and I make money."

However, Anna's mom did have some good pieces of advice like this one about curing boredom. "She would say, 'Boring people are bored," Anna said. "And then I would have to go and figure out what to do with my brain, with my active imagination, which she probably wouldn't have liked to have known what that was, what I was doing."

Then there's Kaley Cuoco, who's been sporting a chic pixie cut on the red carpet these days. Her mom said never to chop off her hair, and it's obvious Kaley didn't really listen. "I cut that hair fast," the Big Bang Theory actress said in a whisper," and I died it pink. How about that mom?"

Meanwhile Idina Menzel revealed that her mom cautioned her not to eat chocolate "because it will go straight to your ass." However if you've seen the Frozen singer's curvaceous body recently, she's clearly taken that advice to heart.

These actresses' moms have some sage advice for them. What's the best or worst advice your mom gave you?

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