Remember Aqua? It's been quite a while since their 1997 smash 'Barbie Girl,' but they're coming back with a new album. The first single, 'How R U Doin,' seems more interested in what's new with you than explaining where they've been. (Although judging by this photo, it seems quite possible they joined the circus.)

Depending on your level of interest in throbbing, highly processed euro-pop, this song will either make you think all of the iGadgets in your house have come to life and formed a band together, or bring back fond memories of the Black Eyed Peas' Super Bowl halftime show. Lyrically, it seems there's quite a party going on, but to get in you have to answer a bunch of questions:

"We want to know now if you're feeling alive / We wanna know now are you ready tonight? / It's time to party / Cause the feeling is right / We want to know now, are you ready to go?/  How R U doin girl? / How R U doing Boy? / Let's bring it all together / How R U doing tonight?"

According to their official twitter page, Aqua are both working on more songs for the (so far) untitled and unscheduled new album and trying to get 'How R U Doin' up for sale on the US iTunes store. We'll keep you posted on their progress in each of these pursuits.

Listen to Aqua, 'How R U Doin'

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