Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj premiered their "Side to Side" video right on the enormous pink heels of their thematically-similar performance at the 2016 VMAs. While vocals and cardio didn't prove a winning combination in a live setting (WHO makes Ariana/any pop star sing live while biking?), the Hannah Lux Davis-directed video is pure campy joy awash in hot pink hues.

As in the performance, Ariana begins the clip as a SoulCycle instructor, leading a class of ladies wearing an array of unreasonable footwear. It looks really fun — and this gym is clearly nicer than mine, because unlike these dancers I wouldn't touch the YMCA's shower floor with my worst enemy's ass.


Absolutely not. [YouTube][/caption]

Later, Ariana and Nicki take a sauna with a bunch of living Ken dolls as the rapper delivers her iconic "wrist icicle / ride dick bicycle" line. GIRLS' Lena Dunham must have overlooked this lyric, however, as her boyfriend Jack Antonoff only just made her aware of the song meaning behind "Side to Side." Had Lena not heard it before? There's no delicate subtext in "Side to Side"; it's pretty blatant as far as sex metaphors go. It's half the fun.

Watch the "Side to Side" video below.

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