While it's been a banner year for popular music in 2012, we can't forget about the musicians whose deaths had a huge impact on pop music this year. We had to say goodbye to some iconic music makers in 2012, and we're taking time to pay tribute to the pop stars who tragically died in our list of the Artists We've Lost in 2012.

In Artists We've Lost in 2012, we're taking a moment to reflect and remember the careers of the artists who are no longer with us and who are sorely missed. Divas like Whitney Houston, Donna Summer and Etta James passed away, as did Beastie Boys' member Adam Yauch and Bee Gee Robin Gibb.

While these artists may have left this earthly plane, their musical legacies ensure that they will not soon be forgotten. Spend some time looking through our list of musicians who sadly died in 2012 and remember why you loved them and their music.

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