Newcomer Asher Monroe has been making waves on YouTube with his new video 'Like I Do,' earning more than 1.5 million views in just over a week's time.

Monroe is the center of attention in the video for 'Like I Do,' which is now available on iTunes. The clip follows the singer throughout Los Angeles, where he drives down busy highways, takes in a sunset in the Hollywood Hills, and parks in the middle of a palm-tree lined street to sing the lyrics about his devotion to a special someone.

The video also includes footage of Monroe in the recording studio and concludes with shots of the young performer on the beach.

While Monroe is a new name to many, he has built up a following from his years in the boy band V-Factory, as well as acting appearances on Broadway and in the 'Fame' movie. He says he's eager to give fans a full album of music.

“All of my music is written straight from the heart so I hope people really feel something when they hear my songs,” Monroe says in a press release. “I couldn’t be more excited that people all over the world are embracing ‘Like I Do,’ and I can’t wait to get more of my new music out there.”

Watch the Asher Monroe 'Like I Do' Video