Avril Lavigne announced via Twitter that she had written a song for the Avril Lavigne Foundation, that will go on to benefit the upcoming 2015 Special Olympics. The song, entitled 'Fly,' is set to be released before the Special Olympics World Summer Games take place this year, from July 25 through Aug. 2.

News of Avril's support for the Special Olympics broke around her 30th birthday, when she and her team launched a campaign in Sept. 2014 to raise money for 30 Special Olympics athletes that will be competing in the 2015 Games. The athletes, all hailing from five different countries around the world, will be announced some time in February.

The news should come as no surprise to Avril fans. Not only does her foundation support "children and youth living with serious illnesses or disabilities," but Avril has personally reached out to Special Olympics participants. During her tour last year, Avril went to a Special Olympics program in Shanghai to find more about the program and what it offers. Avril also invited over 200 Special Olympics athletes to her shows on that tour.

The news comes soon after Avril announced she was suffering from undisclosed "health issues." Hopfeully, this news is indicative that things are going well for her! We're definitely looking forward to hearing the single whenever it comes out!

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