Check out these pretty pop singers. Avril Lavigne and Dev have a very different sound to their music, but there's no question that both ladies are absolutely adorable. Now comes the hard question: When paired side-by-side, who do you think has the best smile? Avril or Dev?

Although Avril Lavigne has a feisty persona -- flipping the bird on live television and cranking out pop-rock girl power hits like 'What the Hell' and 'Girlfriend' -- but when you see her smile, that hard exterior quickly melts away. Avril has one of those infectious grins that makes you want to smile back, and we love how genuine it is as well, not one of those forced red carpet smiles.

Meanwhile, mother to Emilia Lovely, Dev, has a gorgeous smile with an even more gorgeous set of choppers. Her biggest hits might be about getting crunk, what's in her trunk, and getting down and dirty in the dark, but there's something very demure and innocent about Dev's smile. She's an adorable young lady with a sexy attitude, but a sweet-as-candy smile.

Who do you think has the best smile? Avril or Dev? Cast your vote below!