Azealia Banks is stunning without much help, but she knows how to turn it out when she needs to. The '212' rapper revealed her secrets to her high fashion yet streetwise style in a new clip for ASOS. What's her biggest trick?

One that she shares with Kesha! "My party makeup is glitter, glitter, glitter, glitter," she gushed. "I love glitter! "I like it hard and rocky on your eyes so it looks like foil." The Naomi Campbell doppelganger doesn't just stop with sparkles in terms of shiny stuff. She keeps her hair and nails shiny, too.

"A good styling tip is make sure you always do your hair and your nails because if your hair and nails are done then it doesn't matter what you have on," she noted. "Someone will forgive you if your hair and nails are nice and shiny." It makes sense that Banks would focus on cosmetics, too, since she created her own MAC lipstick and is notorious for her colorful wigs.

Azealia's go-to outfit for parties is simple, despite the fact that she's typically a glamazon on red carpets. "My last minute party outfit is a blouse and a skirt," she said. "Even though I know I look like a kid in a blouse and a skirt, if I don't have time to think then that's what I'll wear," she giggled. "If you show up inappropriately dressed for a party then you just have to work it," she sassed. "You're already there, you are there for a reason what else are you going to do? Leave? Pump it, do it." Words to live by!

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