Azealia Banks and her glossy red lips are all up in your face in her video for the rapid fire jam 'Van Vogue' from her '1991' EP.

How she blasts through all that fast-tongued rapping without so much as smearing her lip color is beyond us! Actually, we know how she does it. It's a video, so she likely had lots of takes and plenty of stops and starts on set, and a glam squad attending to her, offering touch ups. But she still fires off her raps like her mouth was a machine gun. Girl's got talent and dead aim.

Banks, easily the next fashion "It" girl thanks to her colorful look and enviable wardrobe, which she shows off in this clip, is submerged in water and topped by a black, big-brimmed, fedora-like hat for much of the vid.

She's stylish even when she's soaking wet. No, she doesn't smear her lipstick when she's aquatic, either. It's like this up-and-coming rapper is superhuman.

The video has a strobe light effect; that is, it might make you dizzy since it's pacing is so quick and messes with your equilibrium! There's not too much action taking place, but Banks makes the most of her time on screen. It's those gorgeous lips and what comes out of them that keep you captivated.

Overall, the 'Van Vogue' vid is an effective audio-visual representation of Banks, who is bound to have one helluva year once she drops her album 'Broke With Expensive Taste.' Other femcees, lookout!

** Video was taken down by UMG due to copyright claims