Uber "It" rapper Azealia Banks is the face of designer Alexander Wang's diffusion line, dubbed "T." What a pairing, since Banks is one of the hottest, up and coming names in pop music and Wang is a favorite designer among young and stylish celebs.

Banks' raps are making her all the rage on the scene right now, while Wang's handbags, complete with lots of zippers-as-accessories (as opposed to serving a functional purpose), are highly coveted. In this promo video, Banks is dropping verses from 'Van Vogue' from her '1991' EP, looking fashionable and fly.

With her hair blowing in the wind and her larger-than-life personality crackling on screen, Banks' video looks like something you'd see in a clothing store when shopping for some new threads. Since, you know, loud music is always in style.

Banks and Wang have a "thing" -- platonically speaking -- as she accompanied him to the Met Ball earlier this year. We love seeing their creative collaboration explode on screen in this high-energy, fast and furious video clip. This is what happens when a hot rapper and a hot fashion designer get together and make beautiful music and clothes.