Azealia Banks sure knows how to make waves. In the past year she's feuded with Iggy Azalea, been slammed by Lady Gaga and dissed Rita Ora.

But amidst all that controversy, the "212" rapper has managed to do something incredibly cool and groundbreaking: On Thursday (March 12), Banks released a webcam-driven interactive video for "Wallace" on her official website. And it is, in a word, fascinating.

In order to play the video, you have to grant access to your webcam using Chrome as your browser. From there on, the fun starts — Azealia sings the sexually-charged Broke With Expensive Taste cut while trippy images of her face flash at lighting speed on the screen. You can choose to watch the video with the song's lyrics streaming down the screen or simply watch Azealia deliver the video sans lyrics — there's already a lot going on.

The craziest part of the video, though, comes about halfway through. At this point your own face is reflected back at you in the background, right there behind Azealia's singing face, which comes at about the same time that you realize that throughout the video, your own facial movements also help determine what Azealia's face does onscreen. Pretty crazy, right?

Stop what you're doing and head over to Azealia Banks' official website to watch — and play with — her interactive "Wallace" video right now!

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