A little monster in the audience at Lady Gaga's 'Wizard of Oz'-themed 'Good Morning America' performance this AM (Sept. 9) filmed her chatting with fans, post-perf.

The fan posted the clip on Instagram, with a caption that stated that Gaga was talking about Azealia Banks, the controversy magnet who has been shading Mother Monster left and right on Twitter since being axed from 'ARTPOP,' when she says someone has a bad attitude.

Gaga never says Banks by name in this clip, but the fan suggests that's who she was speaking of. We think it's cute how one-on-one Gaga is with her fans. She really opens her arms to them. But we also hope that this fan had permission to film her.

The Gaga/Banks beef seems to stem from Banks being ditched. The two had worked on the song 'Red Flame,' which did not make 'ARTPOP.' Banks was reportedly a part of 'Ratchet' with Gaga and Beyonce, but details on that song as a whole remain fuzzy.

Here, Gaga, looking adorbs in her blond wig with eyebrow-skimming bangs and pink leather dress, which she wore for the interview portion of her 'GMA' visit, said Banks has a bad attitude, which seems to be pretty accurate, since she is constantly going off on Twitter rants and beefing with anyone and everyone.

When Gaga states, "She's got a bad attitude," her fans agree. Then she mentions Too Short and T.I., indicating that their appearances on 'ARTPOP' are ballin'. T.I. is newer information, BTW. She confirmed Too Short appearing on 'ARTPOP' at the VMAs.

You can tell that Gaga spoke in measured words and was not trying to trash Banks, who spends more time throwing shade than she does working to get 'Broke With Expensive Taste' out to the public.

If and when Banks sees this, duck and cover, because the fallout will come and she'll start throwing shade like grenades.