Lady Gaga's outrageous costumes may get the lion's share of attention, but her hair is equally as exotic and as much a part of her image as her clothes. That's why we've looked long and hard at her fabulous follicles in order to assemble the best Lady Gaga hairstyles.

Mother Monster usually changes her locks through a variety of wigs, often playing around with different lengths and hues. Lady Gaga's hair is one of her best accessories, whether it's tumbling down her back like Rapunzel, or short, shocking and structured. Heck, she's even tied it up in a bow that sat atop her pretty lil' head.

Check out this collection of the most memorable Lady Gaga hairstyles, spanning from the blonde beginning of her career all the way up to her turquoise coif. Her strands are always unique and unpredictable, just like her heels!

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