Legendary blues musician B.B. King is reportedly in hospice care at his Las Vegas home, according to an official Facebook post. His daughter, Patty King, called paramedics to the home the two share when she noticed his health declining, in spite of reported protests from King's manager, Laverne Toney, who has power of attorney over the musician. Patty claims her father is suffering from elder abuse at Toney's hands.

According to TMZ, King's daughter Patty and his manager Laverne Toney are currently fighting for rights to care for the musician. Patty lives with King at their Las Vegas home and reportedly wanted to take her father to the hospital when she discovered that his urine was an orange color -- a sign of severe dehydration -- and that he had stopped eating.

Patty claims that Toney refused to hospitalize King, which caused Patty to call the police. Paramedics arrived to the scene and after a brief assessment they agreed with Patty and said he needed to be taken to the hospital. Once at the hospital, Patty claims the 89-year-old music legend suffered from a minor heart attack.

TMZ goes on to report that just last year, Patty and her boyfriend filed a police report claiming elder abuse, and accusing Toney and her assistant of swindling over $20 million from King as well as withholding vital medication from the performer while he was on tour. The police report also reportedly claims that Toney and her assistant stole a number of Rolex watches and a ring worth over $250,000 from King.

King was hospitalized early last month, though specifics were never released.