John Legend has a mini-me! Only, the adorable little look-alike is not his baby. (Well, at least not to our knowledge!)

Twitter user @_rahellla uploaded a sweet shot of her nephew to Twitter last night (April 20), commenting on his serious resemblance to the 'All of Me' singer:

And indeed, little Caden is a dead ringer for Legend, sporting the exact same arched eyebrows and pinch-able cheeks (complete with dimples) as the iconic singer.

While Legend, who has been married to model Chrissy Teigen since 2011, has yet to comment on the eerie resemblance, his doppelganger's aunt has been blown away by the attention her tweet has received -- and so has baby Caden's dad.

When a follower asked Rahel what her brother thought of all of the hoopla (Caden's picture is set to be featured on 'Good Morning America' tomorrow), she responded:

We'd probably be feeling the exact same way! Then again, it's not every day you have a baby who looks so hilariously similar to one of the biggest artists out there. And hey, we're living in an age where artists can be reached just by the typing of 140 characters. You never know -- John Legend may even want to meet his pint-sized lookalike. And there is only one thing better than a mini-me of John Legend, and that is a mini-me of John Legend being held by the singer himself.

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