Sometimes, celebrities have such huge personalities that it's hardly enough to contain within one measly body. Over the years, many of pop's leading ladies have transformed themselves into characters that are extensions of themselves, but which alter ego is the best revamped version of the original?

It's impossible to think of Lady Gaga without recalling her alter ego, Jo Calderone, who graced us all with his presence at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards in place of Mother Monster. The foul-mouthed Italian from the city that never sleeps also made an appearance in her 'You and I' video. But is Jo any match for Kathy Beth Terry, Katy Perry's ultra nerdy alter ego? The headgear-wearing, Renaissance Fair-loving star of Perry's 'Last Friday Night' video may look uncool, but trust us, she knows how to party.

Nicki Minaj might have more alter egos than there are days in the week, but none stand out as much as her fiery Londoner Roman Zolanski. The angry school boy has made many appearances in Minaj's songs ('Roman's Revenge,' for instance), and the Harajuku Barbie even named her second studio album ('Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded') after Zolanski. Even though Minaj has the most quirky characters, Beyonce could have the reigning queen of personas with Sasha Fierce, who surfaced during the 'Single Ladies' era. Sasha Fierce might be a lot like Beyonce, but she's got an added edge that's, well, super fierce! Don't forget her bada--- metal robot glove either.

Out of these four alter egos, which one do you like the most? Vote for your favorite below!