A lot of female pop stars love dying their hair all colors of the rainbow, but they also like to take their funky looks to a whole new level by getting creative with their dye jobs. Dip-dyed hair has become a huge trend over the years (that's when you dye the tips of your hair a different color from the rest of your locks), so we only found it fitting to ask fans to vote on the celeb with the best dip-dyed hairdo.

First up is Jessie J, who is a chameleon when it comes to the color of her hair. Recently, the 'Domino' songstress performed for fans rocking a dip-dyed 'do of black with fiery hot pink tips. Nicki Minaj is also a fan of the dip dye and has donned the look on several occasions, like the orange, pink and yellow dip 'do she wore back in the summer of 2011.

Meanwhile, Demi Lovato is just debuting a dip-dyed look in the summer of 2012, stepping out for performances and 'X Factor' auditions with a very pretty blond to pink combo. Lady Gaga also jumped on the dip-dye bandwagon way back in 2009, showing up to the MTV Video Music Awards with an all-white dye job save for subtle her turquoise tips. Finally, Avril Lavigne got runway ready for her Abbey Dawn fashion show in the fall of 2011 with a dip-dye job of pink and green streaks.

Which of these ladies looks best with their hair dip-dyed? Cast your vote below, PopCrush readers!

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