Attention super fans! For our latest reader's poll, we want to know which artist has the absolute best fan base. Many pop performers have astoundingly loyal fans (some referred to as "Stans" a la the Eminem song of the same name), who provide a constant means of support and love for the singer themselves. So, out of the 12 most distinct fan bases we've narrowed it down to, which one do you think is the best in their unwavering adoration for a specific pop star?

Nicki Minaj is just one of the many pop stars whose fan base has their own name -- her troop of Barbz. Meanwhile, Adam Lambert has his Glamberts, Dev has her Baby Goons, Katy Perry is doted upon by her Katy Cats, Jessie J has her Heartbeats, Bruno Mars has his team of Hooligans, Demi Lovato gets a ton of love from her Lovatics, and Taylor Swift is constantly in awe of her Swifties.

Some other artists with a huge following with its own name? Rihanna is the leader of her Navy of fans, while Chris Brown is the head honcho of Team Breezy. But the stars with the the most powerful fan bases? Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber could pretty much conquer the world if they mobilized their armies of fans, with Gaga leading her Little Monsters and Bieber acting as the captains of his Beliebers.

So, which fan base has proven to be an unstoppable force? Whether or not you're a member of any of these super fan bases, be sure to vote!

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