Where pop music is concerned, March Madness is more about streams and provocative sets than slam dunks.

This spring, as the NCAA's finest basketball stars square off to determine a collegiate champion, PopCrush is determined to conclude which pop act — or, more specifically, which pop act's fanbase — is 2016's best. Forget sports fans' face-painting or sign-making, disciples of music are the truly rabid bunch: Glamberts and 5SOSFAM are just two clear examples.

Adam Lambert, who just kicked off his Original High tour, made his mark among the post-Idol crowd in 2015 by earning more than any of the show's other alums. His most recent album signaled a more scrubbed-down era that did away with his previously showy style, and fans been on board. And while Lambert's relieved that Idol's finally ending this spring, Glamberts are glad their guy is still kicking — will they ensure he'll move on in March Music Madness?

While 5 Seconds of Summer seemed convinced in a December 2015 Rolling Stone piece that Justin Bieber hated them, the Australian pop punk group are otherwise beloved by a rabidly loyal fan group. 5SOS made history in November 2015 when their second album, Sounds Good Feels Good, debuted atop the Billboard 200, making them the first band to ever land at No. 1 twice in only two tries. Will the 5SOSFAM help the foursome come in first place here, too?

What do you think — will Glamberts come through and send Adam to the next round? Is the 5SOSFAM set to claim victory? Place your votes until March 9 at 11:59 PM EST, and check back after to see which fanbase moves on.

March Madness Round 1
March Madness Round 1 Pt. 2

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