Beyoncé: first-class singer, untouchable performer, verifiable human metronome.

Since Queen Bey's days in Destiny's Child, and with many years' worth of choreography considered, the "Feeling Myself" feature has proven there's no beat that can best her (could you keep up with a routine even after falling down the stairs...?). To honor the consummate performer, the worldwide web has collectively created #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat, and the hashtag — which flawlessly pairs existing Sasha Fierce dance footage with other artists' songs — stands as evidence that we're in the presence of true greatness.

Yesterday (May 25), devoted fans who boast basic understanding of video editing software began creating small-scaled masterpieces that juxtapose B against the likes of Michael Jackson tracks, Fifth Harmony bangers and more. Every now and again, the internet tried to knock the superstar off balance by tossing a curve ball down the pipe — but 'Yonce has successfully knocked each out of the park. Try as we might, we simply cannot find a single hiccup among the countless contributions.

Skeptical? Can't say we blame you, but it's time to take a deep breath, sharpen your critical eye, and start watching:






Pretty unreal, right?

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