Beyonce is showing off her girl-done-wrong side again on 'Best Thing I Never Had,' which appears on her fourth solo platter, '4.'

While the first two tastes of the album, 'Run the World (Girls)' and 'End of Time,' were raw and seemed to abandon B's normally slick, polished production, she dips her toes back into the larger-than-life, cleanly produced pop song pool with 'Best Thing I Never Had' as well as '1+1,' which she debuted last week. But despite the sheen and high production values, Beyonce's attitude asserts itself in this kiss off to a piss-poor ex-lover.

'Best Thing I Never Had' is an epic, bold, love-gone-wrong song that will certainly bellow from the speakers of the scores of strong women wronged by their men! Beyonce throws of verbal jabs:

"To think there was a time I almost loved you / You showed your a--- / And yes baby, I saw the real you / Thank God that you blew it / Thank God that I dodged a bullet / I am so over you / Baby good looking out / I wanted you bad / I'm so through with that / Because honestly / You turned out to be the best thing I never had / And will always be the best thing you never had."

Damn. Tell us how you really feel, Beyonce!

'The Best Thing I Never Had' is this year's most powerful, female empowered dismiss to a bad lover. It's almost like this album's version of 'If I Was a Boy' in the way it stands up against being dissed and brokenhearted by a man who doesn't deserve you. The song's instrumentation consists mostly of a piano melody intro and outro, with some layered backing female vocals providing some support to Beyonce's ball-busting send off.

Sayonara. Hasta la Vista. Ciao. Peace out, ex-lovers. Beyonce and her girls are done with you. The Queen B reigns supreme yet again with another excellent pop song from '4.'


Listen to Beyonce, 'Best Thing I Never Had'