Beyonce gives it up for girl power on 'Run the World (Girls),' the first single from her long-awaited new album due out this summer.

Female-empowerment anthems have been a big part of pop music since Helen Reddy sang, "I am woman, hear me roar" in 1971, but Beyonce manages to put her own spin on the topic with a tribal-sounding ode to female strength.

'Girls' was produced by Diplo and Switch -- who sample their Major Lazer song, 'Pon De Floor.' Diplo and Switch have both worked with M.I.A., and it sounds like something the Sri Lankan singer might have recorded, with huge percussion and edgier-than-usual lyrics like, "I think I need a barber / None of these b----es can fade me / I'm so good with this / I remind you I'm so hood with this."

The song may take a few listens to embrace, since it's not as immediately accessible as 'Single Ladies' or 'Irreplaceable,' but it will likely win over fans with its hypnotic beat and call-and-response chorus, "Who run the world? Girls, girls!"

The singer declares, "Boy, you know you love it how we’re smart enough to make these millions / Strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business."

Beyonce deserves props for taking a bit of a risk with the lead single from her new album. Currently untitled, it will be the follow-up to 2008's 'I Am...Sasha Fierce,' and will also include a possible collaboration with indie rock outfit Sleigh Bells.


Listen to Beyonce, 'Run the World (Girls)'