Well this most recent development certainly isn't doing much to negate Beyonce's pregnancy rumors... The 'Grown Woman' songstress has been forced to cancel her latest tour stop in Belgium due to exhaustion.

According to the New York Daily News, Bey's reps said the diva was advised by medical professionals to take it easy tonight after suffering from both dehydration and exhaustion. Those pregnancy rumors don't seem so "silly" now, do they?

The cancelled date in Antwerp will be rescheduled, but it remains to be seen if she will perform her second show in the Belgian city tomorrow pending word from her doctors.

Beyonce's touring schedule has been rigorous so far, hitting eight countries and playing 20 shows in a span of about a month, which would exhaust any human (not to mention someone who is perhaps with a child). That being said, Queen B should find this intensive touring schedule somewhat routine by now, though she did make a special trip back across the Atlantic to be in New York City for the Met Gala. Girl, you're no 20-something anymore, maybe start saying no to some of the events you're invited to!

After these latest developments, maybe just switch over to drinking normal water out of crazy straws as opposed to alkaline water out of $1,000 titanium straws, Bey? Dehydration knows no price tag.

Feel better, Bey! You need to continue delivering your incredible divaness to the planet on your Mrs. Carter Show World Tour!

UPDATE: Ater much backlash, Beyonce posted a handwritten apology to her fans in Antewerpp for cancelling last minute. See the note below.


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