Beyonce's hair is her crowning glory. She rarely rocks the same look for longer than a few months, but each style, cut and color she pumps is high impact and memorable.

This is all while staying in a semi-natural spectrum too (blonds and browns), as Queen Bey doesn't need to rely on experimenting with a rainbow of hues to wow us with her locks. In fact, we don't want her to. She's so beautiful, that going off the chains with cray cray colors would be a disservice.

Long hair is her domain and her forte, and it frames that gorgeous goddess face.

Whether she's going sleek, straight and blanket-long, like she did in her 'Oprah's Next Chapter' interview, or tight and corkscrewed, like she did right before announcing her pregnancy, Bey's strands take on a life of their own. She was blessed with good genes and good hair -- no matter which way she fixes it, it flatters her.

Since Bey has been staging a media takeover since the beginning of 2013, it inspired us to assemble some of Bey's most beautiful hairstyles. Start clicking through her best looks below.