Beyonce was the subject of the latest 'Oprah's Next Chapter' chat, which aired last night (Feb. 16) before her 'Life Is But a Dream' documentary. So it was a Beyathon on TV. Opes acted like Bey's biggest fan ... ever. She was gushing like a serious fangirl, but then again, Sasha Fierce brings that out of people.

Looking like a hot mama in leather leggings, a black blazer and mega long, stick straight hair, Bey was her typical goddess self on a physical level. But the normally private singer was incredibly forthcoming while chatting with the talk show doyenne.

She revealed that the doc is no vanity project. It's what healed her on many levels.

Here are some of the key points and reveals.

Blue Ivy: Being a mother is what she is most proud of. "It made everything make sense to me," she said. "I couldn't imagine my life if I didn't have my daughter." She started work on the doc years before Blue was born, but it didn't feel complete until the baby came along. "Now I am Beyonce," she declared. She says her daughter introduced her to herself. That's love.  She called Blue "hilarious" and "fire," saying, "Lord, I'ma have me a time" as the little girl grows up. Blue also loved the books Auntie Oprah sent her. "I definitely want another child," Bey, who gained 57 pounds during her pregnancy, said. She loves to perform and make music, and wanted to make sure that she didn't lose any of that passion after becoming a mother. Thankfully, she didn't and that's why she returned to work. "Maybe after this next tour, I'll have another baby," Bey suggested.

Jay-Z: "We were friends for a year-and-a-half before we went on any date. To have someone you just like is important," she said on why their marriage works.

The miscarriage: She shared it in the doc because "it was a big part of my story," and she wanted to comfort other couples who've been through it. It's why she didn't share her second pregnancy with the world right away.

Sasha Fierce: She doesn't really need her anymore, since she is more integrated into Bey as a whole. "I don't need Sasha Fierce. I don't have the alter ego that is so different," the queen admitted. She is also showing more of Beyonce in her music.

Giving birth: "I envisioned her and the birth. Honestly, I know I can't control everything, but we have that power and I wanted to enjoy that experience, so I studied and I had an incredible birth," Beyonce revealed. She focused all of her energy on the baby as she was being born, speaking to her without talking.

The Super Bowl: "I had all this energy inside of me," she recalled. "When I got off the stage, it felt like I won the Super Bowl. And my husband said, 'And the power's out.' I never worked so hard for 12 minutes…'" She revealed Kelly Rowland stayed with her in New Orleans for two weeks to support her as she prepared for the Super Bowl, in addition to appearing with her during the Destiny's Child reunion. Bey said she ate fried alligator and turtle, and had a drink with her mother Tina, who doesn't partake, to celebrate. But her mama designed 100 custom costumes for the dancers during the Bowl, so it was time to toss one back.

On firing father Mathew Knowles after nearly 20 years as her manager: "Someone who has given you life and has done such a fantastic job ... it's hard and it's a part of life and growth ... at some point, you have to be the adult your father has raised you and prepared you to be," she said about dissolving their professional association. "I love my father so much and he has taught me so many things, so it was something that was hard. This doc helped me, for one, just editing and seeing our dynamics, healing our relationship as father and daughter."

On her computer cam: It's been her diary and her friend when she needs to "hear" herself. "It has become my diary. I haven't done it much since I've become a mother. But the past four years, that's been my diary."

The mystique: She is trying to maintain it and tells her story through photography, as opposed to tweeting. Hence, why we get the Bey scrapbooks on her website. It's so much more personal, too.