Beyonce has pretty much confirmed the worst-kept secret in sports, entertainment and sports entertainment -- that she will be performing at halftime during Super Bowl XLVII -- by posting an incredibly red-hot, football-themed photo of herself.

Bey shared the shot on her website, labeling it 'Countdown to Touchdown.' While most artists might post a digital clock ticking off the hours, minutes and second until the event, Bey did something sexier and more unexpected. We love her in football goddess mode.

Bey puckers up with blood-red, luscious lips and golden locks, but it's her "other" makeup that is so striking.

Like a football player, she painted her face with black, anti-glare strips, placed under her eyes. And while some gridiron greats encode their stripes with Biblical citations or words, Bey had "Feb. 3" on one side and "2013" on the other, which is the date of Super Bowl XLVII. The big game will be held at the Super Dome in New Orleans, Louisiana. So that's the site where Bey will work her magic.

The oddsmakers in Las Vegas have got to be creating stakes on what songs Bey will perform, what she will open with, what she will wear and more!

While Madonna turned in a quality performance at this year's Super Bowl, featuring gladiators and friends, we're banking on Beyonce blowing it out of the water and turning things up to 11 when she hits that stage.

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