Because sometimes the internet can run rampant with cruelty, Beyonce was reportedly the victim of a death hoax on Monday (Feb. 23).

Why anyone would make up a story that the iconic singer died is so beyond us that we cannot even fathom it, that is exactly what happened. According to Gossip Cop, an article altered to look like a CNN report began circulating across social media on Monday night. The headline? "Music Sensation Beyonce Knowles Dies in Car Crash."

Gossip Cop reports that the fake article read as follows, "Super star songstress and wife to billionaire music mogul Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter, Beyonce Knowles today died in a ghastly car accident on the way back from a meeting with one of her executives. So far there has been no further news from either her husband or her family. This marks a huge blow to an industry."

The site claims that "thousands" of fans were fooled by the fake story, which was only perpetuated by a tweet from the @CnnNewsFacts (which is not associated with the network) that reportedly read, "BREAKING NEWS: BEYONCE WAS INVOLVED IN A HORRIFIC CAR CRASH! #RIPBeyonce." To add to the cruelty of the hoax, the photo accompanying the tweet was a picture of Paul Walker's deadly car accident. The tweet has since been deleted.

To state the obvious, we are happy to report that Beyonce is alive and well.

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