It's difficult to think of two artists who are more different than Ed Sheeran and Beyonce. One is a flannel-wearing, ginger-haired Brit with an acoustic guitar, and the other is a powerful feminist R&B pop diva with a penchant for glittery leotards. Yet somehow when these two respective superstars come together, sweet, sweet music is made.

On Saturday (September 26) afternoon, Sheeran and Bey shared the stage for a brief but iconic duet during Beyonce's set during the Global Citizen Festival to end global poverty in New York City's Central Park. Halfway through her set, Bey pulled a Swiftie by surprise-welcoming Sheeran to her stage for an acoustic duet of "Drunk in Love."

And wouldn't you know it? They sounded great together! (We wonder if Hova was jealous.)

The duet was also a self-fulfilled prophecy for Sheeran, who has previously covered the hit song for both Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran during live radio interviews. It would seem that "Drunk in Love" is Ed's fave Beyonce jam, and we love him for that. Check it out:

However, Saturday's duet was not the first time Ed Sheeran and Beyonce have shared a stage. Back in February, the two artists teamed up for the Stevie Wonder tribute concert, Songs in the Key of Life: An All Star-Salute on CBS. Together, they sang Wonder's 1980 hit single, "Master Blaster (Jammin')."

And considering how good these two sound together, we'd like to officially petition for a Bey-Sheeran collaboration album.

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