Last night (July 19), Beyonce mysteriously posted a 'Fifth Shades of Grey' teaser announcement that the first trailer for the movie adaptation will be released this Thursday, July 24.

We say "mysteriously" because it is unknown right now what connection Beyonce has to the film. Is she just a really big fan of the book? It's possible, but more than likely, she may have something to do with the film's soundtrack.

The teaser clip shows brief snippets from the trailer with a slowed-down, downtempo version of 'Crazy in Love' playing in the background.

We'll probably find out more about the film in the coming months, but for right now, click on the embedded Instagram video below to check out the announcement teaser for the first trailer.

'Fifth Shades of Grey' is set to be released Valentine's Day 2015 and is based on the best-selling novel by E.L. James. The movie stars Dakota Johnson as a literature student who finds herself swept away by a handsome billionaire named Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan). The two find themselves in a torrid love affair that is anything but traditional.

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