Beyonce is a 'Grown Woman,' but even grown women are subject to leaks -- of the song variety. (Get your heads out of the gutter!) Bey's highly anticipated track off of her upcoming 'Mrs. Carter' album has leaked in full, and the Beyhive is swarming around it nonstop.

In previously released teasers of the song, Beyonce explains just how grown she is in terms of her (Sasha) fierce attitude, snapping, "They like the way I walk / Because I walk with a vengeance / They listen when I talk / Because I ain't pretendin' / Took a while, now I understand / Just what I’m going to do / Now I know who I am / Bout time I show it."

Now, Queen Bey also points out her more visible assets as well as her behind-closed-door skills. (Simply put, Jay-Z is the luckiest man on Earth.)

"I'm a grown woman," she sings, "So I know how to ride it / I'm a grown woman / And I'm so erotic / I'm a grown woman / And now I got you so excited / I'm a grown woman / Look at my body / It ain't no fun if a girl can't have none / Really want to know how I got it like that / 'Cause I got a cute face / And my booty so fat."

The track gets increasingly melodic yet simultaneously tribal as it goes on, at times sounding like the sassiest, most grown up jump rope rhyme ever.

No legitimate release date has been set for 'Grown Woman,' but you can expect it to be pushed up to accommodate the leak. In the meantime, tune into the song below before it gets pulled!

Listen to Beyonce, 'Grown Woman'