Beyonce continues her reign as King Bey! A new snippet of 'Grown Woman' has hit the Internet, and she's as (Sasha) fierce as ever.

The teaser features much of what you've heard in her Pepsi commercial -- which isn't too surprising, considering they're sponsoring the snippet. Based on the clip, Bey, who is notoriously calculating in almost every move she makes, seems to ad lib, but chances are she stayed true to form to keep the track perfect.

But in Beyonce's case, perfection is still real. She roars and snaps, "They like the way I walk / Because I walk with a vengeance / They listen when I talk / Because I ain't pretendin' / Took a while, now I understand / Just what I'm going to do / Now I know who I am / Bout time I show it."

The Timbaland production wouldn't sound out of place on a Justin Timberlake track, and just like J.T. is maturing into his new 'Suit & Tie' gentlemanly image, Bey is showing herself to be a force to be reckoned with -- as well as a lover and lady, should the mood strike.

Because as a 'Grown Woman,' she can do whatever she wants.

Listen to Beyonce, 'Grown Woman' Snippet