If 'Crazy In Love,' 'Drunk In Love,' 'Deja Vu,' and everything else they've ever done together have taught us anything, it's that Beyonce and Jay-Z are not only one of our favorite celebrity couples, relationship-wise, but they're also fantastic collaborators when it comes to music. So when the possibility of a collaborative album came to light last year, we were totally excited. And then we heard nothing more of it and cried into our 'On The Run' tour DVDs.

But it looks like the rumors may be true after all -- a full album of Carter-Knowles tracks might actually be on its way. According to 'Drunk In Love' producer, Detail, a possible album from Beyonce and Jay-Z might just be ready to drop later this year. While answering the question of what he has in store for 2015, Detail said to Billboard, "Me, Beyonce and Jay-Z are actually doing something together this year. When you think of Jay and Bey together, you think album. You should already know." When asked for some more information Detail held back, saying, "In my imaginary mind, I will work to say it's true."

So, okay, it's not 100% confirmed that a joint album is coming yet, but we're holding out hope anyway. What do you guys think? Excited about the possibility of an entire album's worth of songs from the power couple? Check out the video above and let us know!

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