Beyonce and Jay Z's former bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek was killed after being tasered (while naked) by cops. He had broken into a home in Miami on Sept. 2. Now, reports have surfaced that the couple fired him after they discovered his sexual peccadillos.

The 43-year-old Oosterbroek, known as "Giant Dutch," also worked for Lady Gaga and Rihanna, allegedly lost control of his life after losing his high-profile (and likely well-paying) job of looking after the Hova's family. That's a pretty big gig to cough up and if this story is to be believed, Oosterbroek had no one to blame but himself.

The Daily News reports that Oosterbroek reportedly hired a hooker while on duty in Las Vegas and Bey and Jay allegedly discovered him using their passports in a lewd act. Now that's creepy. We're not sure what to make of that…

This story about Oosterbroek's issues was discovered a while ago, yet never made its way to the media because the famous couple worked to bury it. A source said, "Beyoncé and Jay Z were furious when they found out. They trusted Norman with their lives and then he went and did some pretty freaky things, and on video with a hooker."

Ultimately, Jayonce were concerned over the safety of daughter Blue Ivy, so they gave the hulking mass of a man, who stood six-foot-five and tipped the scales at 280, the boot. An insider said, "They really thought Norman was now a danger to Blue Ivy. From what I understand he was devastated, because a lot of people in the industry knew that he couldn’t be trusted and not to hire him."

After being axed, Giant Dutch became depressed and began using drugs. He had been in and out of rehab, and was seen swallowing a white substance during the break in which lead him to being tasered and killed.

What a shame.