Beyonce channels Andy Warhol and his famed Pop Art style in a new technicolor Pepsi ad. With bright blue rimmed eyes, hot pink painted lips and bold, blonde locks swept across her beautiful forehead, there are three images of Bey's face and a can of Pepsi. Clearly, one of those things is not like the other.

While her 'Telephone' duet partner Lady Gaga flips the script with 'ARTPOP,' Bey is sticking with the Warholian aesthetic of Pop Art. She's goofing off in these renderings, with a big smile, fish lips and a fake shocked lock. Even as an animated, graphic novel like character, Bey looks utterly amazing.

She's also got a lot to smile about, having pocketed $50 million to team up with Coke's rival.

While these are merely soft drink ads, the bold, colorful prints would look amazing hanging on your living room wall, wouldn't they?

Bey even admitted during her chat with Oprah that she prefers to tell stories through photos than with tweets or digital communication. There are plenty of stories waiting to be told in these images.

All that from a Pepsi ad.

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