A single photo on Instagram has set off waves of excitement throughout the social media world. And it's easy to see why — Beyonce is back in the recording studio. New music from the woman who brought us 'Single Ladies,' 'Crazy in Love,' 'Irreplaceable' and 'Halo?' Yes, please!

Bey posted the photo via Instagram over the weekend, just a week after she created the account. The pic shows the singer dressed in black and white from head to toe, sitting on a stool with a microphone and lyric sheet in front of her. More than 75,000 people liked the photo on Instagram.

We can't say for sure that the photo captures Beyonce making new music — she could be recording a voiceover for her Pepsi commercial, for all we know — but she wouldn't tease us like that, would she?

Besides, R&B star Miguel already revealed that he had a studio session with Bey, and Missy Elliott also announced a collaboration with Queen B. Elliott tweeted, "It was great seeing her catching up because its been a while! Very inspired.”

Beyonce's last album '4' was not as commercially successful as her previous efforts, even though some (okay, us) considered it her best album yet. We can't wait to see what kind of new inspiration she may have for her first album after the birth of Blue Ivy.

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