The newly preggers Beyonce is the big 3-0 on Sept. 4, and she doesn't look a day over 25! She is also celebrating one of the most critically and commercial successful years of her career with '4,' where she is trying new things artistically and it's yielding diva-licious results. In honor of Bey's milestone birthday, we've dug up 10 key things you probably didn't know about the 'Best Thing I Never Had' singer and wife of Jay-Z.

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    She loves to wear simple t-shirts.

    Despite her status as a high-fashion, best-dressed, uber-glam diva, Beyonce told InStyle that the one clothing item that she cannot get enough of is T-shirts. "My favorite is a single white T," Beyonce said. " I always pick up James Pierce white T-shirts. I have like 100 of them."

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    Beyonce collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger on the True Star fragrance.

    While Beyonce's signature fragrances Heat and Pulse are flying off retail shelves as of late, one of her first forays into the fragrance world was a collab with designer Tommy Hilfiger. The scent was called True Star and one of the perfume's signature notes was creamy rice pudding! Mmmm.

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    She was teased in grade school over her ears.

    Even stunners like Beyonce have "flaws." Bey told PEOPLE that her ears were her Achilles' heel. "I used to get teased because they were bigger than my head," she said.

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    Beyonce puts her foot down when it comes to decor.

    While Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z have said they stay out of each other's professional business, such is not the case when it comes to decor. The rapper admitted in a Rolling Stone profile that Bey once rejected a photo he purchased by Laurie Simmons. Jay said the photo was of a "noirishly lit pistol with a pair of women's legs emerging from the handle." Beyonce, known for her female empowerment stances, felt it was too masculine and instead selected a similar piece of artwork for their 8,000-square-foot NYC penthouse, depicting a perfume bottle as oppose to a gun.

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    She once sang John Lennon's 'Imagine' in a talent show.

    Beyonce's very first talent show was at the age of 7. She didn't perform R&B, soul or hip-hop, like she does today. Instead, she offered up her version of John Lennon's 'Imagine' and received a standing O.

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    Beyonce has a perfume allergy.

    We know, it seems counterintuitive for someone who is allergic to the chemicals in perfume to have her own fragrance line but it's true. In order to ensure that she doesn't have a "reaction," her scents are chemically altered. It's good to be a diva.

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    Beyonce loves the rock!

    No, we don't mean the bling that she wears on her fingers. Bey is not shy about being a rock music fan. She told InStyle (via OK!) that she loves "the guitars, the phrasing, and the abandon of rock fans." One of her favorite rockers? Peter Gabriel. "His voice is so pure," she gushed. "'Listen to 'In Your Eyes.'" If you're not familiar, check it out on Bey's recommendation.

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    She received a 1959 Rolls Royce convertible for her 25th Birthday.

    Five years ago, Jay-Z gifted her with a sweet set of wheels: 1959 Rolls Royce convertible worth $1 million. It was her 25th birthday present. Since she's 30 today, we're sure the Hov is going to outdo himself and shower her with something bigger!

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    Beyonce surfs the web for music and fashion sites.

    Beyonce is as plugged in as the rest of us. She also told InStyle that she surfs the web a lot. Since she's always traveling, she reads mobile versions of The New York Times. As for music sites? She points and clicks at Pitchfork and Pandora. (Maybe she can bookmark PopCrush to complete the trifecta of Ps!) She also is an avid reader of her hubby's Life+Times site and those of her favorite designers. Bey stays connected.

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    Beyonce contributed to the English language.

    You have used the word "bootylicious" as least once in your life, right? Bey coined the phrase in the Destiny's Child song of the same name, which she wrote to celebrate her curvy figure and frame. The colloquialism became such a part of the modern lexicon that the Oxford English Dictionary added "bootylicious" as a word. The official definition: "Especially of a woman, often with reference to the buttocks: Sexually attractive, sexy, shapely." That entry sounds exactly like our girl Beyonce! Happy 30th and many more to our favorite mom-to-be.