Unless you're a supremely dedicated member of the Beyhive, there's probably something you could stand to learn about Beyonce. It looks like the University of Waterloo agrees with that statement, because they recently added a course on the "Drunk in Love" singer to their 2015 fall curriculum.

If you think the class will be a fluff course where you spend your time watching music videos on repeat, you haven't paid enough attention to the evolution of Beyonce's career and the impact she's made as an icon. According to the course's description, "Students will analyze videos from Beyoncé’s most recent album, use feminist and critical race theories to reflect on the artist’s work and create their own artistic responses."

It makes sense -- Beyonce has publicly endorsed feminism, and whether you believe it's a transparent attempt to bank off a popular social movement or not, she was one of the few self-ascribed celebrity feminists early on. People like to shine a spotlight on Taylor Swift's newfound (not to mention white-washed) brand of feminism-lite, but Beyonce's been preaching it a little bit louder and a little bit longer. That's not to suggest that feminism is anything new: Its mainstream popularity ebbs and flows with regularity, but it's reached a new height of visibility right now -- propelled, in part, by Beyonce.

The course's instructor, Naila Keleta-Mae, claims that “whether or not feminist scholars, activists or artists agree with Beyoncé’s discourse, her influence on popular culture is undeniable. I would argue that it would be negligent for those of us interested in gender studies to dismiss the album Beyoncé or its principal artist.”

If you want to educate yourself on Bey and her social relevance, head on over to Canada and enroll in the University of Waterloo before all the spots are taken.

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