Leave it to Beyonce to do the unexpected, time and time again.

After her two new tracks ‘7/11’ and ‘Ring Off’ found their way onto the Internet ahead of schedule yesterday (Nov. 20), the powerhouse singer chose to embrace the leak and release a video for '7/11', much to the surprise of her fans. And somehow, the video makes us love her even more than we already do. That definitely sounds impossible considering we wake up every morning wishing we were transformed, mid-slumber, into Beyonce, but seriously. One you watch it, you'll totally get what we mean.

The entire thing is like a giant dance party with her friends, and they clearly had an awesome time filming it. We’re used to seeing a finished product from Beyonce that’s totally polished and perfect, because she’s the type of artist that accepts nothing less. But her video for '7/11' is the complete opposite of that -- it's more like a home movie than anything else. Of course, it's a home movie that involves you and your talented, beautiful dancer friends in your gorgeous, enormous home. But still. For Beyonce, this is pretty laid back, yet it manages to be everything we wanted at the same time. Classic Beyonce.

Our favorite part? Honestly, it’s pretty hard to single out just one aspect of the video but we can’t stop rewinding the part where Beyonce bursts out of that box placed near her Christmas tree. It’s totally hilarious and unexpected, just like the entirety of the video.

Not to mention the fact that Beyonce is the only person on this planet who can dance around in her underwear and a sweatshirt and still look drop dead gorgeous.

Check out the video above!

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